Seniors Remain Optimistic about New Traditions

Despite changes with COVID-19, students hope to maintain a sense of community


Seniors paint the rock outside the West Entrance.

Maggie Seidel, Co-Business & Perspectives Editor

Experiencing a very unique ending to their junior year, as school was fully remote for the spring quarter, Solveig Bingham ‘21 shares, “It would be very special to incorporate past traditions this year, just as simple as saying the senior cheer.”

COVID-19 has brought numerous changes to daily life and future plans; however, it has also renewed a sense of community. The positive impact of simple moments and memories has been reinforced, especially for The Class of 2021. 

The seniors feel nostalgic for the school year that they always anticipated: filled with traditions such as school dances, sporting events, and all-school cheers and gatherings. Due to the safety precautions surrounding the pandemic, certain traditions have had to be canceled, most notably the Senior Retreat and the Homecoming Dance. 

Audrey Ronan ‘21 adds, “We don’t get as many privileges this year either.” This sentiment of disappointment is prevalent, and understandable, for the Class of 2021. Although, many students remain hopeful for the year to come. 

Ale Perri ‘21 says, “For now, people are still trying to get used to what is happening right now in terms of school. I think that there will be some form of getting together and some kinda tradition we come up with as we get more into [the school year].”

Like Perri, Cate Moe ‘21 adds that she misses the “unification” that the Senior Retreat brings to the senior class at the beginning of the school year. The retreat involves an overnight camping experience in which students bond with each other through planned activities and new memories as a class. Moe hopes that the Class of 2021 will create a sense of that “unification” later in the year, either rescheduling the retreat or through having a new experience. 

Undoubtedly, the Class of 2021 has adapted to new circumstances with hybrid learning, mask-wearing, and social distancing and will continue to do so throughout the year. Bingham demonstrates this and the importance of creativity: “It would be really special to maintain that sense of community and carry out the traditions throughout the year, whether we have to do it COVID style or not.” 

The looming question as to whether or not prom will happen this year remains, as Perri says, “Senior year prom …I don’t think that’s going to happen. Maybe it will eventually.” In response to missing both Junior prom in the spring of 2020 and in the upcoming spring, Ronan remarks, “It’s mostly disappointments and not continuations.” This sentiment is seemingly shared throughout the senior class, specifically with regard to missing out on hallmark high school moments: prom dances. 

Regardless, Bingham says, “I’m just hoping that one way or another we will be able to celebrate being seniors and our last year at Blake.”