Exit Polling after Mock Elections Provide Insight into Students’ Political Views

Anonymous interviews allow students to share their ideologies


Sara Richardson

Henry Wattson ’21 casts his ballot during advisory.

“I voted for Biden. For me, I was mostly evaluating the presidential candidates’ positions regarding climate change and also racial justice but mostly climate change because it’s… going to impact very very close future generation[s] and it’s scary.”


“I am pretty stressed considering how important this election is and how much is riding on it. For example, civil rights for many minorities are being threatened, like women’s rights, abortion, the Black Lives Matter movement, and LGBTQ+ rights. But I am hopeful because voter turnout has already been very high.”


“For me, things that matter most are racial justice and public safety for health, so I thought Biden would be the best because of Trump’s coronavirus and how he dealt with that.”


“Mostly believing in science, having plans for COVID, and I just don’t really stand for people who don’t condemn white supremacy. They’re both not great candidates, so I want to choose the best evil”.


“If I could vote, I would vote for Biden. I had never felt so strongly about an election before because we are voting to prevent us from moving backwards and to preserve our rights. The most important issues for me are social justice issues and healthcare.” 


“I voted for Kanye because I like his music a lot.”


“I voted for Kanye because I didn’t like the other Presidential candidates”


“I voted [in the mock election] for Biden because he is more kind.”


“I voted [in the mock election] for Biden because he is better than Trump.”


“I voted [in the mock election] for Biden because I want equal rights.”


“I voted [in the mock election] for Biden because although he is not the ideal candidate, I believe he is the better one.”


“I voted [in the mock election] for Biden because Biden cares about women’s rights and health care.”


“I’m not an idiot, so I voted for Biden [in the mock election].”


“I have a trans brother, so either he has rights or he doesn’t, so that is why I voted for Biden [in the mock election].”


“I did vote for Biden… I feel like, at this point, I mean I’m trying to get better at disagreeing with people and respectfully understanding where someone can come from, but it’s really hard for me to see why you wouldn’t vote for Biden or you would vote for Trump.”


“I pretty much voted blue for everyone which I think in some cases you shouldn’t do, but sometimes I think that’s important. Especially in this election.”


“I [voted for] Biden…I think that Trump’s tweeting and a lot of that stuff has ruined American culture…it’s more just I really don’t like Trump.” 


“COVID-19 definitely [influenced my vote].” 


“I voted [in the mock election] because it’s important to express your voice and I thought it was mandatory.”


“I voted for Biden because Trump’s a bad person. He is sexist, racist, and he has done bad things, and he is going to do more bad things. Biden is the better option.”


“I was influenced mostly by the news, different articles, and my parents a little bit.”


“I voted for Biden and the Democrats because I like them more. I voted for them based on their policies with the economy and coronavirus.”


“I didn’t take the mock elections seriously because I can’t vote in real life.”


“I voted for Kayne because I don’t like either of the candidates, and I felt like Kanye was the best option.” 


“I care the most about immigration and foreign policies.” 


“I voted for Biden and Kamala Harris because I think Donald Trump is a moron. He clearly doesn’t know how to handle the COVID-19 crisis, and he has demonstrated he has no ability to run the country. [I care about] health care and the COVI-19 crisis, justice reform, racial equality, and peaceful transfer of power. Donald Trump influenced my vote.”