Study Abroad Experience Delayed due to Global Pandemic

Ricketts reflects on time spent in Minnesota


Submitted by: Bruno Ricketts

Overall, Ricketts enjoyed his time in Minnesota and had a positive experience during the first semester.

Will Rosenblum, Multimedia Editor

After planning on coming to America over a year ago through an abroad program, Bruno Ricketts ’23 was unable due to COVID-19 causing abroad programs to cancel. Fortunately, he was able to come here through a family friend Kade Gadjusek ’23 with help from Blake. 

He wanted to come back to America to “change my view on stuff and understand other places better and how it is to live somewhere else so it wonít surprise me when I go to college somewhere else.”

Ricketts comes from Vienna, Austria, and he says that “Minneapolis and St. Paul feel a lot more [like] littler cities making up one big one…Vienna is more cramped.  We have a streetcar and subway, for example, our family doesnít own a car.” Visually Vienna is also very different, as the buildings are “very old, [built] in [the] Renaissance I think.”

Ricketts plays soccer too, even contributing to the boys’ most recent season and says that ìsoccer is the most popular sport by far, in Austria soccer is just the thing everyone wants to do.”

Reflecting on his experience at Blake, he says that “more of a student-teacher relationship is being built and the assignments are way more open.”  In regards to recent events, Bruno remarks that “looking back at this it’s going to be so crazy that I was here for Covid, for the election, and in Minneapolis where all those riots were.”