November Crossword


Maia Schifman, Contributing Artist


1. a United States president, also Jim’s arch nemesis/best friend in “The Office”

4. Paul McCartney’s band after The Beatles

6. measurement of light

9. country between Ghana and Benin

13. flying dinosaur (careful with spelling)

16. ______ equation used in algebra to find the zeros

17. plates that make earthquakes

18. very important skill in chemistry: dimensional _______

20. capital of Kentucky

21. type of tree that’s also a lake in Minneapolis

23. salty condiment made from brined cucumbers

24. very tiny, minuscule

25. capitalist country that broke off from China in 1949

26. ostrich-like animal that lives in South America

27. fruit high in vitamin C


2. protein that carries oxygen in the blood

3. very abundant yellow flower

5. spice, hair color

7. continent next to Asia

8. type of Thanksgiving pie, not pumpkin

10. first name of the kid from Home Alone

11. _____ Moon, very rare, occurred on Halloween this year

12. animal that hides acorns

14. standard material to paint on other than paper

15. larva form of butterflies

19. winter sport that’s like running on skis

20. another name for bow-tie pasta

22. flying bison in Avatar