Young Nordic Team Makes Fresh Tracks

Team still finds ways to bond, creates connection this season


Oscar Walsh

On Thursday January 27, the Nordic team had a meet versus multiple schools Hiawatha Golf Course. Pictured: members of getting ready to race on a “warm” Minnesota day.

The Nordic team has experienced challenges this season including the cold weather and COVID-19.. Catherine Lin mentions, “The meets are definitely a challenge. We have to like wear a bunch of layers, so we get really hot in the middle of the race.” Due to Covid, the team is unable to keep all of their ski bags in the chalet, so they have to keep everything inside their coaches’ cars. Another challenge this year is, in past years for team bonding, nordic would go to a place called Maple Log, which is a couple hours away in northern Minnesota. This trip was a large part of their team bonding and a fun, different environment to ski at. Unfortunately, they couldn’t go this year because of Covid. For other ways of team bonding to compensate for the trips, on Fridays and sometimes at the end of practices, the team gets to play fun games. There aren’t many high school students on the team. It mainly consists of middle schoolers, but everyone, especially the high schoolers, maintain good connections. 

The team practices at Theodore Wirth Park every weekday after school, right near Blake. Lin explains how practices work, noting that  “during practice, we usually warm up like a couple laps, short ones.” Lin continues, “Then, the coach tells like skills to work on and technique.” Practices are always fun and everyone enjoys hanging out with their teammates. When it is too cold to ski outside, Nordic goes to the middle school to do indoor workouts. At practices and meets, many people keep their goals in mind. Alyssa Krig ‘25 mentions her goal for the season, explaining, “For now I’m just trying to beat my personal best…I’m just trying to keep up my endurance and get better technique during practice.’’

During meets, the goal is to have the fastest time getting around the course. As stressful as races can be, the Nordic coach reminds the team not to worry too much and to just do their best and have fun. So far nordic has had 3 races, but there are many more to come.In the past nordic has gone to state, but it hasn’t happened in a little while. Hopefully that will change this year!