Bearstangs Ranks #2 in the Nation

Bearstangs win sections, teammates reflect on team atmosphere


Cleo Kilpatrick

Wyatt Dayhoff ‘22 and Liao getting ready for the 200 IM at section prelims. Liao finished 3rd at section finals with a time of 1:58.71 seconds which qualified for state!

Bearstangs crushed it at class A state with 495.5 points. The team is ranked second in the nation with six seniors and two Olympic trial swimmers on their team. The team dynamic is supportive and encouraging or as Cayden Liao ‘24 describes it “Everyone on the team is really connected, we’re all like a big group of friends and everyone talks to everyone. Whenever someone races, everyone that’s on the team goes behind the lane and cheers for them”. Elliot Kollat ‘23 agrees and states “When it comes to swimming everyone takes it very seriously. I think other people find it helpful to have people cheering you on. My favorite part of the team is probably cheering people on.”

The swim team has had an undefeated season so far. Liao spoke on the pressure by stating “I don’t [feel pressure being ranked 2nd in the nation]. I didn’t even know that until our coach told us and even after he told us I don’t think any of us really cared.” James Pan, a senior at Breck, also confirmed that this was the general outlook the team had on being ranked 2nd in the nation. Liao also stated that “Next year if we get moved up to AA it might be tough because we’re losing a lot of good seniors this year and I don’t know how well we’re going to perform without them.” As for how the season has been going, Kollat comments, “The season has been fun and entertaining. There have been plenty of ups and downs with practices.” Liao finishes by stating “My favorite part of being on the team are the races and the people. I think the people are really fun to talk to and just the sport itself is really fun.”

Members from the Bearstangs standing together talking after their cool down from their races at section prelims. This is what teammates supporting teammates looks like . (Cleo Kilpatrick )