Computer Science Cracks the Code

Program Faces Potential Expansion and Mixed Opinions

Students sit attentively in  a math classroom, a department that faces expansion.


Students sit attentively in a math classroom, a department that faces expansion.

Ahan Devgun, Staff Writer

Due to a growing number of computer science classes throughout Blake’s campuses, administrators decided to create a computer science department. While not currently a graduation requirement, it could possibly become one. 

The decision was made due to the middle school changing from a seven period to an eight period schedule. Math Chair Chris Robinson explains, “there was an opportunity to expand [the computer science program], and it’s been a goal of [Head of School] Anne Stavney for a while now.” He adds that while “there aren’t any current graduation requirements [for computer science] right now, [he] doesn’t know what will happen five years from now.” Furthermore, he adds that “[computer science] is an important and growing field, so being able to offer these things to students even if they are not required, is important.” He follows this saying, “the school at some point might move in the direction of making it a requirement, but for students that are currently at the Upper School, there isn’t anything to worry about.”

As for student opinion, Chizo Nwokocha ‘25 is fine with a computer science department but doesn’t love the idea of taking a required computer science class, as she states that she “doesn’t care about computer science.” However, Robinson explains, “the skills people learn in computer science classes can be applied outside of it.” He shockingly adds, “Minnesota is the worst state for computer science education for high school students… so if you look at other parts of the country, the access is there, and some of those graduation requirements are there.”