Girls’ Alpine Ski Team Makes Historic Run at State

Girls’ Alpine Team goes to state, first time in 5 years


Submitted by: Mackenzie Higgins

Pictured: Girls Alpine state team and coaches: Robbie Massie ‘03, Betsy Strachota and Chris Girk. Girls placed 3rd as a team and individually, Ava Pihlstrom ‘22 was fifth, Vivien Pihlstrom ‘25 was eighth, Mackenzie Higgins ‘24 placed 34th, Kate Rekas ‘23 was 52nd, Hughes was 66th, and Lily Erlandson ‘23 fell and wasn’t able to finish.

Noor Naseer , Editor Emertius

The Girls’ Alpine Ski Team just capped off a historic season. Not only were they conference champions, but they also got second place at sections and advanced to the state tournament as a team for the first time in five years, culminating in a third place finish. 

Ava Pihlstrom ‘22, a captain and member of the team since her freshman year, reflects on why the team found such success this season saying, “I think towards the end of the season, we really started…coming together, and we were bonding more, and I think that really helped for the team race just because we supported each other and knew what we were capable of and were confident in our team.” She also adds that having races at Wild Mountain, which is where the sections race took place, helped build people’s confidence: “[Last year at sections,] a lot of people fell and had a harder race, but we had races at Wild every week, so it helped people prepare more, so I think people were more confident in their skiing.”

Regarding the reasons for the team’s success this season Zoe Edinburgh ‘23 also adds that “We took it really seriously this year. We definitely had less people because of COVID restrictions, so we didn’t have a c-squad or developmental team, so we were able to get more runs in, so I think that really helped us.” 

Individually, Vivien Pihlstrom ‘25 reflects on her season saying, “Top ten is pretty exciting. Also considering I got— I think it was like 34— last year, that was a really big improvement for me,” and shares that next season, her “personal goal is top five at state.” 

In the words of Martha Hughes ‘24 she says the season “was so fun.” Despite the imminent loss of A.Pihlstrom, the team is looking to hopefully make it to state again next season and keep up the fun atmosphere.