Despite Loss Tight Team Bond

Boys Lacrosse lose 7-8 vs. Bloomington Jefferson


Submitted by Sam Hardy

Sam Hardy ’24 on defense guarding an Orono player. Bears won 4-8 against Orono.

This season the Boys Lacrosse Team has been a tough competitor against many teams and was undefeated for a total of 9 games before losing to Bloomington Jefferson, a top team. Currently, the team is at a record of 10-2 and is working hard towards even more wins. 

A lot of the team’s success can be attributed to the leadership from the captains. Grady Rannow ‘24 explains, “There’s really good leadership from the captains. They always hype us up for games.” Zach Weiner ‘23 agrees by stating, “The captains have been really good at giving us energy, especially Eli [Daniel ‘22]. He makes sure that we all have that alpha mentality.” 

The social dynamic of a team is critical in order to perform well and can be the factor that makes or breaks the outcome of the season. Luckily, this team thrives when it comes to their social dynamic. With help from the captains and the friendships made while playing together, this team is very close. Captain Max Hubler ‘22 explains, “We have a lot of guys returning from last year so it was easier to build relationships.” He continues to say, “We all get along really well so it helps us play together and for each other on the field.” As a team sport, it is key to find a way to work collaboratively towards a common goal. Learning to play for your teammates, rather than just for yourself, has been a huge factor of the team’s success. 

Although the team has been doing well, this doesn’t mean that they haven’t faced any challenges. After a loss against Bloomington Jefferson, which ended the team’s undefeated streak, Weiner offers some optimism, “We weren’t a second half team today, but I think this loss is necessary because it will help us learn from our mistakes and turn things around for the next game.” Remembering to learn from your mistakes is the best thing you can do when something doesn’t go your way. 

Whether it’s a win or a loss the team continues forward. Hubler notes, “I think the biggest thing is not putting too much pressure on ourselves and managing expectations.” A loss won’t stop this team from working hard towards their goal of going to state and coming home with a victory.