Golf Starts Slow

Weather caused delays in season



Boys varsity team won Conference match vs. St.Paul Academy, Breck, Minnehaha Acadmey, Providence Acadmey and Mounds Park Academy.

 “The weather has been absolutely atrocious.” Jason Gelb ’22, senior captain of the golf team, sums up the season thus far with these words, which seems to define every spring in Minnesota. At the start of the season, Blake Boys’ Golf found themselves inside on simulators, unable to play “real golf,” as Max Ramsey ’23 puts it. When they were finally able to transition outside, they played in near-freezing temperatures with 20-30 mph winds. Harrison Oxford ’23 adds that the courses “have been absolutely terrible. Balls have been plugging into the ground. There have been moments where there [is] no grass.” Due to these conditions, the players have found their season heavily shortened and their game significantly affected. However, as the weather and scores start to improve, the Bears are excited for what’s to come.

 Regarding his goals for the season, Ramsey, a JV golfer, looks to “play some golf matches, have fun with [his] friends, and just have a good time.” On the other hand, the varsity team has very high expectations for the season; they hope to make the state tournament. The Bears are looking very strong, as they just beat section rival Breck by 16 strokes. 

Furthermore, they are at the top of the IMAC conference, even though they have been missing star freshman Ian Friederichs ‘25 for the whole season due to injury. With Friederichs returning soon, Gelb displays great confidence in the team, encouraging people to “pop out to state when we make it.”