Students Weigh In : Backpacks vs. Lockers

Students’ Preferences Examined


Elena Gill

Many students choose to store extra equipment atop equipment shelves rather than in lockers.

Sam Tomczik, Contributing Writer

The majority of students choose to not use their lockers. While most students express that they find their lockers impractical, some locker users cite their convenience as a driving factor in their choice. 

“All 9th graders are assigned lockers,” explains 9th grade Dean Jen Vance, “We want 9th graders to have that space from the beginning, from there on lockers are by request.” However, out of the 399 students grades 10th through 12th, only four students this year have requested to have a locker, a stark contrast from the middle school where locker use is mandatory. Audrey Fridell ‘24 attributes this usage drop to the difference in rules, “there’s no need [to use a locker] now that we are allowed to carry our backpacks to class.” 

However, some students, such as Rania Abdullahi ‘25 find convenience in using their locker. She says, “I think it’s definitely a nice advantage [to using a locker], you can feel freer and not have to have so much weight on your back.” 

Many students choose to use the equipment shelves and hooks by the lunchroom in lieu of a personal locker. Abdullahi is not concerned about a lack of security, however, she acknowledges a lack of sympathy shown by the student body, noting,  “Sometimes my bag has been thrown on the ground by others.” Despite this, Vance still promotes the usage of this area saying, “backpacks aren’t allowed in the lunchroom, there are the shelves.”