Injury Hinders Wolfpack, Team Now Ready For Anything

Team starts season not according to plan


Jason Rotenberg

The Wolfpack prepare for their epic Friday night matchup against DeLaSalle. As the starting lineup is announced, the team readies itself for any challenges that present themselves. The Wolfpack ended up winning this game with a whopping score of 44-0.

This year, the SMB Wolfpack has experienced a number of setbacks, from broken collarbones to the common cold. 

 The Wolfpack’s running back, Zach Weiner ‘23, says, “I broke my collarbone last Friday against North Saint Paul in the third quarter. I took a handoff, and we ran right up the middle and then a guy fell on me and I broke my collarbone. Because of the adrenaline, I didn’t feel it at the time, so I played the rest of the game and it was in the fourth quarter I started to notice I couldn’t lift my left arm up, so I went over to coach who noticed my collarbone sticking out of my skin. Then I went to the hospital and I just kind of sat there in the ER. I got a lot of time to write my college essays, though.” 

Weiner isn’t the only football player with an injury. Other injured members of the SMB Wolfpack include Romelio Love with a dislocated shoulder, Roland Bentley ‘25 with two broken collarbones, and Aiden Wilson ‘26 with a broken wrist. 

Not only is the team suffering from physical injuries, they are also suffering from various illnesses. “Peyton Lange, [team captain], had pneumonia last week so he missed the first two weeks and [Tyler Vandersall ‘24]—I think he’s sick right now. There’s a lot of sickness going around,” says Landon Dillon ‘24

These obstacles have put a lot of pressure on the team to perform as well as they normally would. The team has recruited Warren Strootman ‘23, who had never played football previously, to take on the position of running back. 

The Wolfpack looks forward to the return of Peyton Lange. Weiner says, “[The return of] one of our star offensive lineman, Peyton, who has had pneumonia for t

he last two weeks, should prevent injuries, because you have a big guy blocking for all us smaller guys so that should prevent a lot more injury.” 

Dillon adds, “With Peyton back, there’s definitely some more winnable games, like our first one. Definitely would have been winnable with Peyton.” 

Weiner also brings up the coaches’ shift in strategy, explaining that they are leaning towards a more pass-heavy offense that should help prevent injury. 

Despite these misfortunes, members of the Wolfpack continue to maintain a positive attitude. As Dillon states, “Going forward, I think it’s only going to get better. Only ups from here. I think we’ve already had the lowest we’ve been at, so I think sky’s the limit.”