Legacy Day: Created For Community

Day of service unites lower, upper school students

Legacy Day: Created For Community

Steven Cao and Tarun Gopalakrishnan

With Legacy Day around the corner, its return has sparked many mixed emotions around the community. 

This year’s Legacy Day feels different than most years, due to the fact that last year’s Legacy Day occurred just last spring. Since we had Legacy Day so recently, the novelty of seeing the other people in your group isn’t the same, since it has not been very long. 

Some students express the concern of the boredom of the day, thinking that the activities are not very engaging. On the other hand, a main attraction for the day for many students is being able to hang out with kids from the other age groups at Blake, learning about the others and seeing them change every year. Many Blake students seem to think the activities of Legacy Day are repetitive and boring, however, many other students also think that the activities are a great way to spread positivity while actively helping the community. Although many upperclassmen believe that Legacy Day is not a productive use of their time, Legacy Day is the perfect opportunity to meet and interact with people you wouldn’t usually hang out with. Lower schoolers have never or rarely seen many upperclassmen, so this is a great opportunity to do so. Some upperclassmen believe that Legacy time is not productive, as they would rather spend time doing other things, whether it is school work or extracurricular activities.