Students Study Away

Students Study Away

Featuring Trips of Various Juniors
Dion Leads Abroad Program
Crushshon mentions one benefit of studying abroad, “Many of the programs Blake students access are language based, so it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a language and culture.” (Kai Capistrant)

What has been an impactful travel experience in your life? “For me, that has to be the Iceland and Amsterdam travel program I did for Blake back in the summer of 2022. Packed full of memories with friends, it is something that I likely won’t forget anytime soon,” says Dion Crushshon. However, for students looking for a travel experience unlike any other, look towards the semester abroad programs that are offered every year by Crushshon, the leader of the travel programs for Blake. 

Since 2007, Chrushshon has organized all kinds of travel programs ranging from Cuba, Vietnam, and Sierra Leone, which hold various benefits of traveling to. The unforgettable memories that students gain often include the new people that everyone meets on their trips. Crushshon explains, “Students develop these really meaningful relationships with kids, kind of like the first time you go to college” and also mentions that these friendships stay in the long term. Not only is it a fun experience for all travelers, but semester-abroad trips also ensure that students learn about what they’re passionate about. The diverse selection of countries allows every student to find a place they enjoy. “You might go to Maine Coast because you’re interested in Oceanography, and you might go to Leadville Colorado because you’re interested in being in the mountains,” says Crushshon. 

However, these programs aren’t for the weak of the heart, as being homesick is almost certain. What they teach is just as much about physical topics as it is about yourself while away for such a long time. Crushshon shares that “A semester program, you know, four weeks in you might not be so happy and have to develop the wherewithal to push through.” Despite the challenges these trips pose, students learn more about themselves while away than at any other time, providing valuable lessons for life. While possibly challenging, these programs are worth every second of their time, with Crushshon stating,“It’s super challenging, it’s such a difficult trip, but there’s nothing like it.” If you are at all interested in signing up for a semester abroad program, the future offers for next school year will be announced around springtime at assembly. 

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