The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

Students, Teachers Acknowledge Lost School Norms

Sage Marmet and Reporting by: Editorial Staff November 30, 2021

Behaviors in the JNA, cafeteria, hallways, and activities pertaining to phones, masks, and academic honesty have all transformed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, marking a communal cultural norms...

Students are split up into 6 color groups; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The color groups compete in various year long challenges.

LearningWorks Connects Communities

Mackenzie Higgins, Staff Writer November 30, 2021

LearningWorks' mission is "to support motivated students in overcoming barriers on their paths to college through engaging, academically-rigorous, out-of-school programs while inspiring and preparing promising...

Asian Affinity reflects on values of having meetings and the effects from discussing with students who share similar experiences.

Club Times Challenge Involvement

Sage Marmet, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 30, 2021

Clubs are struggling, and while the somewhat new schedule for the 2021-2022 school year promotes longer class time, more sleep, and less unstructured time, a gaping hole remains that many club leaders...

Independent Studies Engage Curiosity

Independent Studies Engage Curiosity

Noor Naseer, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 30, 2021

Independent studies offer students a chance to dive deeper into subject matter that they find interesting in a way that allows them to design their own lessons, pace themselves, and follow wherever their...

Students Comment on Accuracy of Homework Free Weekends

Mackenzie Higgins and Payton Smith November 6, 2021

Homecoming weekend has been homework free in recent years; however, the accuracy of this label varies from student to student. When asked if she had received any assignments over the weekend, Tia Gnanapragasam...

Henry Schmidt 23 happily poses in his USA day attire. He even stuck on white stars onto his sweatshirt to look like the American flag.

Three Juniors Detail Three Themes From Spirit Week

Rowan Wallin October 8, 2021

Homecoming Spirit Week 2021 brought fun themes for every day of the week. SIACs decided this year’s themes to be Blake spirit on Monday, colors by grade on Tuesday, beach theme on Wednesday, eras by...

Leading up to the end of the school year, students study for AP exams and finals as well as work on projects and homework in the library.

Full In-Person School Causes Workload Increase

Sofia Perlman, News Editor May 28, 2021

Since returning to full in-person school, many students have noticed an increase in the workload. This increase, combined with the transition to a new schedule and all in-person classes has placed students...

Stress Overwhelms Students After Unusual Year

Stress Overwhelms Students After Unusual Year

Bernadette Whitely, Opinions Editor May 28, 2021

As the school year is coming to a close, students and teachers are feeling the cumulative effects of COVID-19, isolation, social unrest, and the ways in which 15 months of high stress has changed our mental...

Martha Hughes ‘24 enjoys sailing as it is a great way to be active and spend time outside during the summer.

The Search for Fun Summer Activities Begins

Zoey Ueland, Staff Writer May 28, 2021

COVID-19 wreaked havoc on summer plans last year. From summer camps, to travel plans, event after event was taken off the calendar. However, 2021 offers a new experience for students, although not without...

Creative, Unique Ways to Safely Socialize During Global Pandemic

Creative, Unique Ways to Safely Socialize During Global Pandemic

Maggie Seidel, Managing Editor April 30, 2021

The omnipresent conversations about physical health, social distancing, and immunity have not muted students' inherent desire for social engagement and connection with friends. Rather, the lack of human...

Pictured above is Wolsfeld Woods Scientific and Natural Area located on Long Lake, MN. In addition to spending time hiking or walking in the wilderness, there are tons of other activities you can do outside. For instance,  Danny Andrade-Vera ‘23 states, “Nature is inspirational, so go do all your homework outside!”

Most Beautiful, Scenic Locations to Walk, Hike in Twin Cities

James Prince, Games & Ads Editor April 30, 2021

Clearing away the thick vegetation of an old-growth forest, a view of a creek running through a leafy valley into a lake appears. All that is around is the sound of birds chirping, the gurgling of the...

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 National Science Bowl was virtual. Both Blake teams did well and placed 19th & 34th overall.

Club Spotlight: Science Bowl Club Looking for New Members

Mackenzie Higgins, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

Science Bowl Club functions similarly to a knowledge or quiz bowl but with science-related questions. The topics range from biology, chemistry, physics, and even astronomy. Participants answer questions...

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