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Students Gain New Form of Self Expression

Mackenzie Higgins and Zoey Ueland

October 1, 2020

In dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, maintain a healthy distance and  wearing a mask have become the norm for health reasons. While masks make communicating more difficult, they also provide another outlet for expression and demonstrating individuality. With so many different types and styles of...

New Enforcement’s From The Minnesota Department of Health Causes Social Distance Rules in Lounges

New Enforcement's From The Minnesota Department of Health Causes Social Distance Rules in Lounges

Dylan Gainsley, News Editor

September 3, 2020

Both the junior and senior lounges no longer have couches, but instead have been replaced with socially distant desks....

Ideas for at Home Family Fun

Ideas for at Home Family Fun

Noor Naseer, Sports Editor

May 23, 2020

1.Watch a show as a family Personally, I find watching a show as a family to be more fun than having movie nights because you can follow along with the story and make predictions about what’s going to happen. In my house, we watch a lot of “Jeopardy.” Even though there isn’t a storyline t...

Zooming With Advisory

Ian Acheson takes a picture of Walt advisory on their inaugural Zoom meeting.

Jack Prince, Managing Editor

April 20, 2020

As synchronous learning begins on April 6, Kjirsten Walt’s junior advisory meets during their designated time to check-in with each other and plan events for future advisory meetings. Their advisory enjoys spending time with each other, so they even had a meeting during the asynchronous week to see ho...

Connecting in Quarantine

Xbox Home screen

Jack Richardson, Student Life Editor

April 2, 2020

With the outbreak of COVID-19 sweeping the globe, many students and their families were forced to either cancel or postpone trips. Instead of finding themselves on the beach or the slopes, students are at home due to the ongoing quarantine. Many students are using this at home time to play video game...

Getting Down with the Yang Gang

Christina Chekerdjieva, Opinions Editor

March 9, 2020

As Andrew Yang’s face appeared from behind an American flag curtain, a room of 1,200 rose to their feet to clap and cheer him on the makeshift stage of the Downtown Des Moines Marriott’s conference room as Drake’s “God’s Plan” played, elevating the experience others the already iconic entra...

Senior Slide Not What it Appears

Senior Slide  Not What it Appears

Noor Naseer, Sports Editor

February 7, 2020

A s defined by the Urban Dictionary, senior slide refers to ìThat magical part of your senior year in high school when things get a little easier and nothing you do matters."Rohan Ajmani '20 speaks to this expectation saying,  "I kind of thought in the second semester, there would just be an understa...

No Buenos Aires: Economic Crisis

Henry Schmidt ‘23 shares his experience traveling to 

Christina Chekerdjieva, Opinions Editor

February 7, 2020

 Traveling abroad in a foreign country is already intimidating- but what happens when you find yourself caught amidst an economic crisis during your family vacation? Henry Schmidt '23 found himself in this situation when traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina with his family this winter break. Argen...

Service Path Recognition Inspires Engagement, Focus, Dedication

Annabelle Swigert ‘22, center front, and Planned Parenthood Teen Council sport their new shirts.

Shira Aronow, Staff Writer

December 9, 2019

Community service takes many forms within Blake, whether that be in service oriented clubs, all school service days, or in the variety of service opportunities that members of the community participate in individually. One way that Blake acknowledges the individual work of students outside of the school...

Pets Decrease Stress Despite Added Responsibility

Grace Griffin ‘21 participates in a Hunter/Jumper Horse Show in Parker, Colorado.

Anna Johns, Staff Writer

December 9, 2019

Pets have a very large presence in students’ lives, occupying their free time and increasing their responsibility. Not only that, but many students agree that their pets have become valued members of their family. Solveig Bingham ‘21 has had various pets from a young age, including a dog, hamste...

Excitement, Anticipation Brews for Upcoming Thanksgiving Break, Holiday

As fall quickly starts to feel like winter, students look forward to the approaching Thanksgiving holiday.

Shira Aronow, Staff Writer

November 9, 2019

Thanksgiving means something different to many members of the student body. And, the homework-free weekend is experienced in a variety of ways as well. A time to celebrate with old and new traditions, eat tasty meals, to be grateful, and some time away from school are aspects of the upcoming holiday t...

Students Participate in Broad Range of Activities After School

Students share their evening schedules.

Lachen Reid, Staff Writer

November 8, 2019

Different endeavors that take place after school comprise students' evening hours.

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