The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

An assortment of JJ Khales favorites

An assortment of JJ Khale’s favorites

Eva Berezovsky, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 20, 2018

Spectrum Newspaper: What is your favorite… Unit to teach in Spanish 5? JJ Khale: I just used the movie Coco for the first time. I’ve never used a Disney movie––ever––but I think they did...

Spending a day with Anne Stavney

Eva Berezovsky , Co-Editor in Chief September 28, 2018

As Head of School, Anne Stavney endeavors to pilot each campus in the direction of success, in a sense both individual and reputational. Stavney describes an archetypical Head of School workday ìlooking...

Making the most of your autumn

Nikki Stabno, Contributing Writer November 6, 2017

Eva Berezovsky The fall time can be very stressful with the first quarter ending, fall sports at their peak, and our academic workload starting to build up. Although fall can be filled with homework,...

Neglecting to tell stories

Brent Florine, Contributing Writer November 5, 2017

photo credit: Ashlyn Kehoe | illustration credit: Eva Berezovsky Repressing current events as a result of  over-politicization Our school fosters a community of bright, visionary thinkers, each of...

Eva Motolinia 18 poses near the 3rd floor mural.

Eva Motolinia: undefined by disability

Eva Berezovsky, Creative Director October 31, 2017

Were you nervous prior to delivering your speech? Oh, yes. I have stage fright, but what was scary about giving a speech about my disability was that I’ve never really talked about it openly with...

From left to right: Thomas Washington 18, Sara McClanahan 18, Bjorn Holm 18, Kyle Meredith 18, Jackson Saunders 18, Bennett Hawley 18, Sam Shapiro 18, and Emily Hykes 18 lead cheers at the Play for Pink Wolfpack game against St. Croix Lutheran.

Senior class of 2018: Bringing the fun

Eva Berezovsky, Creative Director October 3, 2017

Students come in three breeds upon returning to school: there are those who exude optimism, those who count down the days until next summer before classes even begin, and those who battle to balance positivity...

Phillips with Abbie Nelson 18, her hair fully grown.

Walking the halls without cancer

Eva Berezovsky, Creative Director April 28, 2017

With any cancer diagnosis comes a grasp on the scientific facets of the illness, but what’s not acknowledged by doctors is the abiding prominence of cancer beyond the hospital’s walls. Despite...

With constant technological advances, it seems as if everyone knows where everyone else is at all times.

Technology offers new form of social anxiety

Eva Berezovsky, Creative Director February 9, 2017

The thought of living a day sans technology is deemed more and more horrifying as new iPhones are released and social media is updating. I personally catch myself subconsciously refreshing apps like Snapchat...

The Sencha Tea Bar in Uptown is a tea shop gaining traction amongst students and teachers in the community.

Coffee & tea intersect

Eva Berezovsky, Staff Writer May 24, 2016

It seems like humanity’s never-ending necessity for a daily cup of coffee has risen to a new high, while at the same time, Sencha Tea Bar, which Lindsay Kaback ‘19 describes as “a life changing selection...

Gotcha! culture promotes cynicism

Eva Berezovsky, Staff Writer April 28, 2016

Many of us are subconscious detectives and cops, disguised in the personalities of average personas. Although we roam through the world without a magnifying glass in hand or high-tech trackers of any sort,...

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