Making the most of your autumn

Nikki Stabno, Contributing Writer

Eva Berezovsky
he fall time can be very stressful with the first quarter ending, fall sports at their peak, and our academic workload starting to build up. Although fall can be filled with homework, cram sessions, and endless cups of coffee, it is also a great time to go out with friends and enjoy the rapidly changing season.

Many exciting activities are only available during autumn, such as corn mazes and apple orchards. One example is Sever’s Corn Maze and Fall Festival located in Shakopee. Corn mazes are a lot of fun with anywhere from one friend to your whole class. From corn pits to kettle corn, you can spend hours there exploring.

If you are not an outdoorsy person, baking is another great activity that can be customized to the fall. Pies, caramel apples, and banana bread are delicious ways to get into the fall spirit.

Another fall favorite for a cozy day-in is reading for pleasure. If you finish your homework early or want a relaxing way to enjoy your weekend mornings at home, curl up with a book you’ve always wanted to read, a soft blanket, and an enormous cup of hot chocolate or apple cider.

Another amazing opportunity for fall adventures is Halloween! With this spooky holiday right around the corner, it is always fun to get a little scared! Going to Valleyscare, staying in and watching a horror film, or going out to see the newest scary movie, such as“It” are all ways to enjoy the festivities if you can handle the fright!

Regardless of all the awesome ways to enjoy the fall, homework, tests, and studying can make it hard to find the time to go out. A great way to enjoy your fall while also focusing on school is a study date with your friends. They are a great way to spend time with your friends, and get some work done! Schedule breaks and take a 10-minute walk outside to enjoy the crisp air, beautiful leaves, and amazing weather!