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Student Perspectives Surrounding Return to Full In-Person School

Student Perspectives Surrounding Return to Full In-Person School

Will Rosenblum, Managing Editor April 11, 2021

On April 19, all students and faculty will be returning back in person. A variety of thoughts on the change have been spurred however, the majority of student opinions have been positive. The main reason...

While most of the school day is spent in  class, Savita Champlin ‘22 says, “I have grown apart from my friends in blue group”

New Semester Results in New Color Groups

Schedule changes increase student uncertainty
Mallika Malaviya, Staff Writer January 26, 2021

As we shift back to hybrid learning, approximately 75 students have had to make the switch to another color group. This change in groups initially seemed to be upsetting to many of those who had to make...

Students may turn to books and other resources to perfect their college essays.

Seniors Struggle to Navigate, Balance College Application Process

New schedule leaves little time to fill out college applications
Nya Manneh, Staff Writer November 4, 2020

During the normal school year, we would have had 3-5 hours of homework each night, but now that number is closer to 8 with both Homework and At-Home Work due to hybrid. Assignments are sometimes due on...

3 p.m. Due Dates Cause Anxiety

3 p.m. Due Dates Cause Anxiety

Despite structured at-home days, 3 p.m. due dates cause unnecessary pressure
Jenna Thrasher , Staff Writer November 4, 2020

With a fair amount of students doing hybrid and some doing completely remote, asynchronous days happen at least two times a week, which means that instead of more class time, we have more assignments....

Hybrid School Proves Far Superior than Remote Learning

After quarantining, student is more grateful for hybrid learning
Kate Rekas, Staff Writer October 3, 2020

     Returning to school with only the demanding academics and none of the fun stuff was unappealing to all of us. However, after experiencing both fully remote and hybrid learning, I decided being...

Seniors enjoy their lunch in the lunchroom. Unlike juniors and sophomores, seniors are allowed to eat in the courtyard or go to the senior lounge when they’re finished. They find this time helps them stay on top of their schoolwork and college applications.

Hybrid Learning Cooks Up Problems, Frustration in Cafeteria

Lunch changes lead to safety concerns, complaints
Sara Richardson, Managing Editor October 1, 2020

Although the new lunchroom changes are to ensure safety and social distancing, there is a social aspect of school that is lost. Bailey Abraham ‘21 attests to this sentiment, stating, “[the new protocols]...

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