Seniors Struggle to Navigate, Balance College Application Process

New schedule leaves little time to fill out college applications


Students may turn to books and other resources to perfect their college essays.

Nya Manneh, Staff Writer

During the normal school year, we would have had 3-5 hours of homework each night, but now that number is closer to 8 with both Homework and At-Home Work due to hybrid. Assignments are sometimes due on days students don’t even have class, but especially for kids who have to work or volunteer in between school days, it’s hard to get that much work done in time.

How can anyone find time to work on applications when they barely have time to finish their schoolwork? And with deadlines coming up, which do you put first? 

In addition to the pressures of homework, when touring colleges, there’s a whole new level of difficulties to face. In regards to college research, it’s hard to make a decision without actually being able to experience what campus life is like. 

Doing on campus tours let’s people see for themselves what campus life and community is like, and it gives them a more emotional perspective about the college than doing online research ever could. I learned so much more from doing on campus visits because I got to walk the paths, meet students in person and see how everyone works together, and actually look around. 

Virtual visits are nice because each counselor is very considerate and tries to answer every question a student may have, but all of the aforementioned points about in person visits are lacking. College websites are trying to give prospective students more resources to learn about them, whether it be on their website, through contact with representatives, emails, or possible interviews. 

The pressure put on us right now feels unbearable. It’s like there’s not enough time in the day to do it all, and with something as serious as college, not being able to focus on applications is terrifying. It’s like students don’t know which one to put first, school or college apps, when the two should go hand in hand.