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Reselling Apps Gain Popularity, Different Platforms Have Varied Benefits

Reselling Apps Gain Popularity, Different Platforms Have Varied Benefits

Manneh reviews Depop, Curtsy, Miiriya
Nya Manneh June 2, 2021

Fashion is dangerous to the environment because of the time it takes for textiles to break down and the resources used, but as the interest for clothing rises rapidly, it's starting to be produced twice...

More than a Moment

Evan Vezmar, Contributing Writer October 2, 2020

This summer, the country went through underwent immense changes as the COVID-19 pandemic upended lives and calls for racial justice and police reform echoed across the nation. Protests and marches were...

Food and household supply donations at Greater Mount Vernon Church.

Students Aid Protests

Students raise money, awareness
Will Rosenblum, Multi-Media Editor October 2, 2020

As Minneapolis became the center of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Blake students aided in the fight for racial justice in a variety of ways. Nikki Stabno ’21, Rachel Winkey ’21, Kate...

White Earth

Carolyn Patterson, Photographer October 1, 2012

The road was tired and gray, winding its way past various houses, also tired and gray. The hours moved slowly, the people there moving even slower. With little help and support from the outside world,...


Eva Duckler, Contributing Writer October 1, 2012

Home. In one swift action I drop my hefty duffle, shut the door. I am faced head on with this sad reality. Looking into the abyss of my unmade bed, wrappers and stray papers leftover from finals, my eyes...

Volunteering at Majestic Hills Ranch

Caitlin Duffy October 1, 2012

It’s not often that I meet someone who can change my perspective on life. However, this past summer, I met a young girl who did just that. Ava is five years old. She was born weighing less than a...

On Happiness

Alex Lovaas, Page Editor October 1, 2012

Sometimes it is best to not look for anything and stroll down the street with an open mind and open heart eager for any opportunity. That’s the problem with none, no one goes out with the anticipation...

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