Students Aid Protests

Students raise money, awareness



Food and household supply donations at Greater Mount Vernon Church.

Will Rosenblum, Multi-Media Editor

As Minneapolis became the center of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Blake students aided in the fight for racial justice in a variety of ways.

Nikki Stabno ’21, Rachel Winkey ’21, Kate Willoughby ’21, Cate Moe ’21, Sonia Baig ’21, and Sara Richardson ‘21 saw a rising need for basic necessities like hygiene products and food due to store closures after protests and suffering inflicted by the pandemic. In order to curb these needs, the seniors created a fundraiser so they could purchase items to donate to Greater Mount Vernon Church for distribution. In total, they raised $1,000.

Stabno says, “it’s really important [to get involved] especially when the community is in need… especially when I am so privileged and I already have so much…when you see people in need, it is good to lend a hand and get involved especially with the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Stabno urges students to “educate yourself…listen to online activism stories, use your privilege and your voice… that’s the number one thing.”

In late June, Jay Bowles ’23 and Karn Kaura ’23 also got involved, initially trying to raise $1,000 for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, a civil rights organization and law firm fighting for racial justice. They also hoped to “raise awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement and not stay silent and show that we could make a change…I felt like staying silent wasn’t an option.” The two were motivated by the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor and the outcries for justice that ensued.

Their project exceeded any expectations they held and quickly surpassed the $1,000 goal. Bowles says, “People told us to put the goal lower… people didn’t really believe we could raise $3,500,” but by now they have raised over $14,000. Kaura says, “it makes me happy that so many members of the [Blake] community were willing to help the cause.”