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Students Seek Clarifying Communication of Definition, Consequences

Andrew Richardson ‘23 and David Carlson ‘23 concentrate on an assignment during TASC. Distance is another tactic employed by teachers to protect academic honesty between students.

Sara Richardson, Arts and Culture Editor

November 8, 2019

On paper, academic honesty has a similar definition for most students. Amaka Nwokocha '21 describes the definition of academic honesty as "[j]ust not cheating. Doing your own work." But, while the meaning of academic honesty seems simple, there is abundant confusion and issues between students and t...

Changing Traditions Emphasize Transient Community

The Junior Lounge after the 2019 Senior Prank, a longstanding tradition often contested by faculty.

Emma Martinez Sutton, Managing Editor

September 21, 2019

“Human beings crave an understanding of where we come from and I think that’s the benefit and power of tradition... [it’s] the way in which we reconnect with the past,” explains English teacher Cory Tao. “There’s this continuity between us here and the way things have been done in our comm...

Traditions Create Identity, Strong Communities

Seniors from the Class of 2020 work in the

Maggie Seidel, Student Life Editor

September 21, 2019

Many institutions value tradition’s communal aspects and properties that interweave with both daily and habitual activities as well as special moments, Blake being no exception. Traditions, at the core, are designed to unite the community.  David Zalk ‘66, Social Studies Teacher, shares, “Traditions at ...

Burnout and Branding

Burnout and Branding

William Lyman, Co-Editor-in-Chief | Indepth Editor

March 13, 2019

I am tired; not in a way that an extra couple hours of sleep can fix. I have simply burned out. At this point in my life, it appears as if I exist to produce, to work. I wake up hours before school begins to prepare for upcoming tests and projects. Throughout my day I’m constantly running around juggl...

Restaurant Staff Shares Behind the Scenes Perks

Allie Miller, Chloe Countryman, Julia Abraham, Staff Writers

November 5, 2018

The Lowry is an American restaurant located on 21st and Hennepin (about 5 minutes south of the Upper School). Open from 6:30 am to 2 am, the Lowry has countless meal options, with a whole menu just for oysters, and certain breakfast dishes served all day. This past summer, Lucy Kiernat ‘19, worked a...

Senior class of 2018: Bringing the fun

From left to right: Thomas Washington '18, Sara McClanahan '18, Bjorn Holm '18, Kyle Meredith '18, Jackson Saunders '18, Bennett Hawley '18, Sam Shapiro '18, and Emily Hykes '18 lead cheers at the Play for Pink Wolfpack game against St. Croix Lutheran.

Eva Berezovsky, Creative Director

October 3, 2017

Students come in three breeds upon returning to school: there are those who exude optimism, those who count down the days until next summer before classes even begin, and those who battle to balance positivity and angst. Regardless of which attitude a student displays, the choice to attend school or ...

Learning lunch creates space for education and reflection

The school's choir sang in solidarity and respect for the protestors in the nearby Fourth Precinct

Chapel Puckett, Managing Editor

November 24, 2015

“For those of us who live at the shoreline / standing upon the constant edges of decision / crucial and alone,” Marie Michael recited. The learning lunch began with a recitation of Audre Lorde’s poem “A Litany for Survival.” Lorde’s poem encapsulates the emotional events in recent weeks regarding th...

The spooky season

Kate Jolly, Roshnee Tarafder, Eesha Nagwani, and Mehek Bapna, Contributing Writers

November 2, 2015

The clock strikes midnight on September 30 and the date changes to October 1. A whole new month of scary costumes, haunted houses and, of course, candy is about to begin. The celebration of Halloween is generally associated with young children, and, as a result, it’s not common to see high schooler...

Return to Sender

Kali Olson and Lizz Buchanan send out emails on behalf of the library, yearbook, and tech staff.

Jack Barker, Contributing Writer

October 29, 2015

An email a day. Maybe two. Who knew that such an ostensibly trivial issue would snowball into a major controversy? Kali Olson’s emails regarding new developments in the library have raised questions about not only the relevance of the emails themselves but also Blake’s communication systems as a whole ...

Students by day, pirates by night

Piracy is an international problem that also affects students at the school as all students in seventh grade and above are granted computer privileges.

Michael Feldkamp, Contributing Writer

March 19, 2015

Getting things for free isn’t always your best bet. Everyday, thousands of videos and songs are illegally pirated. Pirating is when someone uses or reproduces another’s work for profit. There is a hefty fine and even imprisonment for anyone who is caught pirating. For movies, the consequences are...

Daunting price of college towers over students

Daunting price of college towers over students

Tom Bauer, Contributing Writer

March 19, 2015

Here at Blake, the vast majority of students move on to pursue a four year degree after graduating. Most students don’t think twice about applying to college, but instead worry about not being accepted by one of the many universities on their list. Rather than worrying about not getting into a college,...

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