Aksel Reid: Baker’s Wife


Submitted by:Aksel Reid

Aksel Reid ’21 works early in the morning before school starts. He mainly serves customers.

Christina Chekerdjieva, Perspectives Editor

The Baker’s Wife on S 28th Ave. in Minneapolis is a local bakery where Aksel Reid ’21 has been working since before the pandemic. Reid works as an opener, so his shift happens before Zoom school even starts.

    This bakery has only one location that is known in the neighborhood for their incredible donuts and their top notch pastries. The initial challenges the bakery faced was the decrease in customers as concerns about safety were at an all-time high.      

     Luckily, Reid has seen few instances where customers have not been respectful of the mask mandate and refused to wear masks within the store. The bakery distributes masks for anyone who has not come equipped with their own. They’ve also created a three to four customer limit in the store at one time to maximize social distancing measures.

     They’ve seen a change in the employees as the class of 2020 graduated, but fortunately there have been no layoffs to support the small business during this unprecedented time.

     Reid describes the amount of customers coming through right now, saying, ìThere has been a decrease in the amount of people coming in, but it is not the busy part of the year for the bakery anyways. The busiest time of the year is the summer.î The pandemic has luckily not created drastic changes for the business and they are staying open during the new set of restrictions.