Restaurant Staff Shares Behind the Scenes Perks

Work experience teaches discipline, social skills

Allie Miller, Chloe Countryman, Julia Abraham, Staff Writers

The Lowry is an American restaurant located on 21st and Hennepin (about 5 minutes south of the Upper School). Open from 6:30 am to 2 am, the Lowry has countless meal options, with a whole menu just for oysters, and certain breakfast dishes served all day. This past summer, Lucy Kiernat ‘19, worked as a hostess at the Lowry. Between the business of Hennepin and the Lowry Hill neighborhood, coupled with a casualness and familiar faces, the Lowry provides a local and intimate feel. This is part of how Lucy got involved; Lucy and her family are frequent customers of the Lowry and other Blue Plate restaurants, which include places like Edina Grill, the Freehouse, Longfellow Grill, etc. Because of the welcoming and caring staff, she decided to submit an application. Lucy has really enjoyed her time at the Lowry; the staff are all super fun and, working at the Lowry, provides the opportunity to interact with all different sorts of people as well as build relationships with regular customers. The only negative thing about the work experience was the fatigue from talking and smiling all day. Of the great dishes at the Lowry, some of Lucy’s favorites are the brussel sprouts, which are cooked with a honey glaze and goat cheese, as well as the breakfast burrito, which combines three stable breakfast foods: hash browns, eggs, and sausage. Overall, the Lowry is not only an enjoyable place to work, but a great place to eat as well.


Lago Tacos is a Mexican restaurant that offers a wide variety of tacos, burritos and bowls. This fun and casual dining destination is located in the heart of downtown Excelsior right next to Lake Minnetonka. Claire Standish ’19, a current senior, has been employed as a hostess at Lago for almost half a year. Claire mentions her reason behind joining the Lago team was due to all the positive comments about the environment and people as well as how tasty the food was.  She then went on to say one of her favorite parts about the job was in need, all of her co-workers. Claire also mentioned that the job was enjoyable due to how close the restaurant was to her house as well the 50% discount on food. The hostess co-workers also fit into the category about the negative aspects of her job. She explains she loves a lot of her co-workers but there a few she would rather not spend time with. She highly encourages starting each meal with the chips and queso and follows that with a recommendation of the spicy grilled chicken tacos with a corn cake on side. Overall, Lago Tacos is a fun environment to work in, but the food is even better. Go give it a taste!


The Lucky Oven Bakery is a fairly new addition to Minneapolis. The bakery doesn’t only sell yummy baked goods but it also has a fun and healthy menu to fulfill most of the customers wants and needs. Lucky oven has somewhat limited hours while only being open Monday-Sunday 7:00am-3:00pm so make sure to visit during the weekends! Miles Gigerich ’21, a current sophomore, had the opportunity to be apart of this bakery since the beginning. One of his main incentives to work at the bakery was due to the fact he knew he could receive a job since his mother, Kristy Gigerich, started the bakery. Miles explained that his favorite part of his job was that he gets to work alongside his older sister and one of his friends. He also was trained in as a barista and enjoys making different coffee drinks for the customers. His one complaint is the painful wake up call for his job. He has to wake up every Saturday morning at 5:45 to make his 6:30 start time. His shifts last around nine hours, so in result of his long shifts and the early start times, he is more limited to how he spends his Friday Nights. One thing that keeps him going through these tough shifts is the free food he receives during his break. One of his go-to dishes at the bakery is the Fried Egg Sandwich. He shares that the secret to this delicious sandwich is the herb aioli which is spread in-between the warm and crispy brioche bun. Make sure to go give this sandwich a try and don’t forget to purchase some baked goods to go with it!