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Political Correctness and Cancel Culture Complicate Comedy

Comedy shifts with American culture, politics
Tyler Holmes, Contributing Writer February 7, 2020

Political correctness is a term that has taken on many different perspectives over the years. The core meaning of being ìpolitically correctî is to speak, write, or express oneís ideas in a way that...

Justice League tackles Trump at recent discussion

The school's equality warriors bring forward the controversial candidacy with help from students and faculty
Zoe Wellik, Arts and Culture editor May 25, 2016

On Thursday, May 19, Justice League met to discuss Donald Trump. Do experiences influence Trump supporters over facts? Are Donald Trump supporters anti-government? Does Trump really “tell it like it...

Re-defining discourse

Harmful clashes between PC, free speech go nowhere
Maxine Whitely and John Miller, Editor-in-Chief and Business Manager December 3, 2015

In the wake of national unrest about race relations on college campuses, discussions of the subject have naturally permeated into high schools, too. Uncomfortable, necessary conversations have graced our...

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