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  • Blake hosts first cross country meet on Thursday, September 17. Go Bears! Fall Play will be announced on Friday at 4:00. What will the play be?

Service Path Recognition Inspires Engagement, Focus, Dedication

Annabelle Swigert ‘22, center front, and Planned Parenthood Teen Council sport their new shirts.

Shira Aronow, Staff Writer

December 9, 2019

Community service takes many forms within Blake, whether that be in service oriented clubs, all school service days, or in the variety of service opportunities that members of the community participate in individually. One way that Blake acknowledges the individual work of students outside of the school...

Leaving a legacy

Service from Legacy Day contribute to over 8 non-profit charities; students learn to give back to organizations across the Twin Cities through a series of speeches, activities, and group dialogues.

Drew Rosenblum, Contributing Writer

November 3, 2016

Legacy Day is the only day of the year where all three campuses of The Blake School including every grade (1 through 12), over 100 volunteers, and every single faculty member all get together and help give back to the community through service.      For one day out of the 277 we are in school, the entire student ...

A (blood) type of hero

Donors increase blood flow in the arm by squeezing or rolling a heated object.

Samantha Monahan and Arden Shannon

December 3, 2015

Every two seconds someone is in need of a blood donation, according to Memorial Blood Centers (MBC). From premature infants and organ transplant receivers to cancer patients and accident survivors, there is never a shortage of blood recipients. Knowing that, by donating blood, up to three people’s lives can be...

Staff Editorial: Different approach to service could spark lifelong commitment

Staff Editorial: Different approach to service could spark lifelong commitment

Maxine Whitely, Editor-In-Chief

March 19, 2015

The importance of service resounded in the community as advisories spent the second half of a Wednesday afternoon engaging in volunteer work. Some students took charge of the planning and helped find a cause that they were exceptionally passionate about. Others went with the flow of advisories, signing...

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