Spectrum editors get a taste of Malaysia

Janhawi Kelkar '13, Page Editor

Spectrum Editors enjoy a family style meal at Peninsula Malaysian Cuisine

What do you get when you mix Indian and East Asian cuisines? As several members of the Spectrum staff discovered, the answer is Malaysian food. After eating a family style meal and more than a day’s worth of spice at Peninsula on Nicollet Avenue South, diners reclined contentedly in their chairs. The menu featured some familiar dishes and some strikingly unconventional ones, which were the talk of the table. When Jonah Sandy ’14 sought to try a traditional Malaysian beverage, the waiter responded that he actually “didn’t like” most of them. But against all odds, Jonah ordered an avocado smoothie, complete with a thick blue straw and a pink umbrella. Jonah notes, “unlike my fellow editors who thought it would taste like I was drinking guacamole, It had a mild buttery sweet taste that was actually quite pleasant.” The meal began with an order roti canai—spicy curry served with thin Indian-style bread along the lines of naan, a conclusion with which the waiter explicitly disagreed. Amongst other starters was popiah (pronounced POH-pee-ah), a filling of bean sprouts, carrots, eggs, and peanuts wrapped in a paper-thin pancake, drizzled with soy sauce. The wrap was savory and delicious, although it looked incredibly similar to a crépe covered in Nutella. These appetizers were followed by family style orders of pad thai, chicken fried rice, Malaysian lo mee, and mango beef, all placed on the table’s rotating circular serving platter, a sure source of convenience and confusion. Peninsula offers a great variety of Asian dishes, from flavorful and, in some cases, oily stir-fries to milder wraps—and at approximately $13.00 per person. However, this restaurant may not be for everyone; most of its dishes are very spicy, and it has very few vegetarian options.

Peninsula Malaysian Cuisine

2608 Nicollet Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55408