Interview with Mr. Hickey

Austin Rae, Staff Writer

Where were you prior to Blake, and why did you choose to come to Blake?

Mr. Hickey worked at a software company called the Nerdery making iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad. He did not enjoy spending eight hours a day staring at a computer and decided that a school was a much better place for him.

How is the Blake atmosphere similar to other places you’ve been?

He said that Blake is very similar to his favorite job that he had at a summer camp. Being around kids is something that Mr. Hickey enjoys a lot and he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to have a job that gave him a similar experience to the one he had being an employee of a summer camp. However, Hickey noted, “Since being at Blake I’ve seen a lot of similarities between those two things.”

What are your first impressions of The Blake School?

“There is this intention that everyone is truly a member of the community and that nobody really gets lost in the shuffle, or is forgotten about once they’ve passed through their four years here.”

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of your work?

Some hobbies of his include knitting, riding his bike, and speed solving Rubik’s cubes. His fastest time is 33 seconds but aspires to improve his speed by 10 seconds!

What was something that changed your perspective this summer?

After spending his summer in the Cities working for the first time in many years, his perspective changed on how important it was for him to spend time away from home, working at places such as a summer camp.