Color Me Happy

Callahan Vertin, Contributing Writer

Coming back from summer, Blake students sport vibrant and colorful hair. Diving into the topic of adding a splash of color, dyeing and highlighting hair is a simple and easy way to change your look.

The addition can either be temporary or permanent.  For a more permanent splash of color, use either oxidation dye or a duo of normal, store-bought dye followed by special effects dye—one word of caution: never use Brazilian dye for it can permanently damage your hair.  Just following the directions on the box will get you the results you want.  Condition your hair using color-infused conditioner to keep the color vibrant, particularly for more extreme colors. The color should last until your hair grows out and your natural color roots are exposed at which point you should do a touch up on the color—approximately every six weeks.

Another option is Henna.  Obtainable at Mountain Rose Herbs, natural food stores and Indian shops, it’s considerably less expensive than traditional chemical hair colorants. Henna seals the oil into your hair, giving your hair a nice shine and bounce as well as leaving it super conditioned.  After a henna treatment, you will find less frizz and more manageability.  This dye fades naturally within about 4 months.

As for short term dying or highlighting, try Kool-Aid.  Dissolve a packet of Kool-Aid in boiling water and stick your desired portion of hair into the boiled Kool-Aid for ten minutes.  If you are unhappy with the color you can wash it out with shampoo within 24 hours of the treatment.

Bleaching your hair with hydrogen peroxide is another way to go.  You will find this a perfect option if you are looking for a cheap and easy way to make you hair a bright blonde or to bring out your natural highlights.  And, although bleach does damage hair, it is only temporary, so no worries.

All the above are great ways to add a splash of color, but if you want a surefire way to get either quality highlights or dye your hair, you can always go to a professional salon to receive color treatment.