The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum


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Seniors reflect on the college application process

by Greg Lim ’15

Fall semester: a time of reuniting with friends, the Metrodome, and a promising look into the future for Blake seniors as they begin the long arduous process of college apps in the pursuit of higher education and enlightenment.

For the unwitting freshmen that don’t know what the “college application process” is, it’s a pathway that every senior must take. It involves filling out forms such as the Common App; taking either the SAT or ACT standardized tests; completing AP, IB, and/or SAT subject tests, and writing 500 word essays in an attempt to give college admissions officers a perspective into your life.

Now after reading that, most of you are wondering, how will they do it? How will the seniors balance regular homework, college, and extra curricular activities? While conducting in depth research with around a dozen seniors, you will soon learn the various strategies used by The Class of ’13.

Varsity soccer player, Max Makovetsky commented that he’s found participating in school programs and not getting fired up about it [college] has taken away a lot of the tension. This year, Max has found solace as the upper school’s spirit leader and “Chief,” giving impassioned Shakespearean speeches at sporting events. He left with the quote, “If you imagine yourself as James Bond, then life is better.”

“Mental breakdowns,” chirped in Adam Yunis. Stating that he had a rough start, but has now found tranquility in golf and getting to know and show the freshmen around, “I really want to make sure they have the same experience I had when I was a freshman,” has aided him in getting back on the ice and the most of our his last year at Blake.

When asked how he dealt with stress, Jack McNeill replied that he began the process over the summer by “pacing the schedule” and “paying attention to deadlines.” Through his organization, Jack has been on top of things and states that his year, while not stress free, hasn’t been much worst than previous years.

In contrast, multiple students, who wished to remain anonymous, disclosed more enigmatic stress relievers. A handful reported “giving up.” Another student described a problem with food and stress, “Now that soccer finished and I have to start worrying about college, I’ve often been eating my feelings.” Still others simply stated that homework has begun to slide and disorganization has swallowed them.

One early decision applicant, Harry Mitchell said that he needs to overcome his writer’s block and senior slump; he needs a kick to alter his mindset to push through the work.

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