The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum


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Take Back the Night: Spectrum chats with Alisha Litman-Zelle


Spectrum sat down with Justice League’s Alisha Litman-Zelle ’13 to talk about her involvement with Take Back the Night, an event that Blake got the opportunity to be involved again with after two years. Zelle was elected to the exciting job of planning Take Back the Night, which will take place April 17th. Below she talks to us  about what to expect.

Spectrum: What is Take Back the Night and how did Blake’s Justice League get involved with it?

Alisha: Take Back the Night is an event held nationwide and it’s about sexual assault and sexual violence, and especially about victim empowerment, and obviously as the title suggests, “taking back the night”, so it’s about hearing stories and coming together as a community. Blake’s club “Genderation X” did it two years ago and a lot of people were interested and wanted to get involved so Justice League decided to take it on this year.

Spectrum: What is an important aspect of Take Back the Night –what makes it stand out to you?

Alisha: I think it’s especially important because it’s an issue that a lot of people care about. It doesn’t just affect one specific group and so I see it as an opportunity for the Justice League and SIAC and forum and even captains of sports to come together and have something that everyone can care about and work on.

Spectrum: You’re one of the people planning this event, what’s a sneak peak of what it will look like?

Alisha: We’re hoping to have a bunch of smaller and educational things leading up to the event itself, and then for the actual night we’re hoping to get people to share their stories, also hopefully some musical groups performing and we’re thinking about depending on the weather walking down to Loring Park.

Spectrum: This event is particularly empowering for women, how does it feel for you to be involved in something like this?

Alisha: I think its really cool, I think because women’s voices are so often not heard, this provides an opportunity for women to tell their stories and really show that these are issues they care about, and also a big think we’ve actually been talking about is having not just women involved because its an issue where you need everyone’s involvement. It’s a lot about showing your support, whether you’re a victim yourself [of sexual violence] or know people that are.

Spectrum: What are you most excited about regarding Take Back the Night?

Alisha: I think that’s its challenge, its such an important thing that’s done across the country so for us to take it on is really exciting, and I’m really excited to step up and get involved.

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