Blake summer courses with the option of credits

Blake summer courses with the option of credits

Zahara Kathawalla, Entertainment editor

summer at blake graphicIt comes that time of year, when the air gets a little warmer and the days get longer, when the student body is abuzz with feelings of summertime. Some might be ready to kick back and relax while others want their summer to be filled with endless activities and productivity. For those who want a summer full of activity, Blake has many different programs to fit students of all types, from athletics to academics.

The athletic program includes camps from swimming, archery, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, football, fencing, hockey, sailing, track and field, speed and agility, and strength and conditioning. It’s a great way to get in shape and prepare for an upcoming season with the varsity coaches in the summer!

Upper schools academics include study skills, writer’s workshop, game theory mathematics, public forum debate and democracy, sociological imagination, mass media, culture, and society seeing the un-seeable, debate, summer ACT, and math acceleration programs.

This year Blake offers summer courses for graduation credits. If your schedule is too tight, but you’re dying to take that one class, maybe it’s offered during the summer! The courses give students a chance to go more in depth about each topic and grasp a deeper understanding.

If you find you have some free time during the summer, try checking out the Blake Summer website ( Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised about the activities you find.