Tweet! Tweet! Your sports information is here.


James Ring, Contributing Writer

As Blake students, we have all had that night where there’s the big game and we want to be their supporting our athletes, but we find ourselves stuck in our house getting ready for that big test or catching up on homework. However, there is a rather simple solution to this problem that many of us have faced before: Twitter. With the use of twitter, many sports teams have created their own twitter accounts to give live updates to fans that aren’t in attendance. Blake has caught on to this trend and there are many accounts covering our sports teams. Here are some of the best twitter accounts that can be used to follow Blake athletic contests and other sports news:

When he is not using it as his personal twitter account, Athletic Director Nick Rathmann’s twitter (@coachrath) is a great source for in-game twitter information. He goes to a variety of sporting events and constantly posts updates when he is there. This is agreat account to follow when you cannot make it to the game.

Another good twitter covering Blake sports is assistant AD Lindsay Youngdahl’s twitter account (@SportsatBlake). Although she tends to tweet only during more important sporting events, she provides a good amount of updates on her account when she is at a game. She also provides a ton of information regarding other Blake sports news.

Finally, Blake Bear Superfan (@BlakeSuperfan) is another good twitter account to follow for in-game information. This account is a student-run account and they do not attend every single Blake athletic event, but they tweet a lot when they go to a Blake sporting event.

Besides the three twitter accounts that I mentioned, these are other good twitter accounts to follow if you want specific Blake sports news: Blake Boys Lacrosse (@blakeboyslax), Blake Girls Lacrosse (@BlakeGirlsLax), Blake Girls Tennis (@BlakeGTennis), Blake Bears Hockey (@BlakeBoysPuck), and BlakeBoysBasketball (@BlakeBBall).