Procrastination Nation


Sometimes, we’ll do anything to steer clear of the endless sea of homework

that we are given at the Blake school. Maybe it’s getting a snack or a “quick” check

of Facebook or twitter, which we all know will never be “quick.” The urge…the itch….

the desperation to do anything besides stale, monotonous homework can lead to a

couple of minutes, maybe even hours of unproductive activity.

Nina Lillehei, 13 says she “cleans (her) bathroom” as a method of

procrastination, and spends around two hours procrastinating every night. “Eating

fruits and taking abnormally long showers,” are some things Max Lang, 17 does to

avoid doing his homework. Personally, I find myself yearning to kick back and watch

my all time favorite television show, Friends. I don’t know about you, but to me

watching Joey Tribbiani fantasize about a meatball sub is ten times more interesting

than learning about atoms or how to graph a parabola. I also tend to eat a lot of food

with the excuse that I am hungry in order to procrastinate. After about seven stops in

the kitchen within a span of three hours, I’m not so sure whether it’s the hunger I am

focused on or rather the homework I am not focused on.

We all have our own habits of procrastinating and at the same time we are

told to stop our habits and focus on being a good student as well as getting into

college. All this does is stress us out more and causes our minds to wander and

not begin a homework assignment. The real question should be: Is a little dose of

procrastination healthy? “As long as it’s something like taking a nap or active options

like running or playing sports,” says Emma Dayton, 17. Lillehei agrees, saying, “It’s

necessary to take a break sometimes.”

Yes, maybe four hours is a little too much time spent procrastinating,

however, it is a habit we all do and it is important to clear our minds with something

we enjoy doing every once in a while. It is also healthy to procrastinate in order to

learn how get work done in a quick and efficient manner. For example, if you find

yourself in a time crunch because you spent a little bit too much time playing COD or

watching football.