You can help alleviate the lunch crunch

Chicken tenders. Santa Fe rice bowl.  Pasta bar. These might be your favorite dishes served in the lunch room, but they are also three of the several lunches that force us students to stand in seemingly endless lunch lines.  “So what?” you might think.   “Does it really matter if the lunch lines are long?”  To answer your question—yes, it does.  Lunch might be the only time during the day that you get to sit down and take a break from the stress of school.  It’s important that we sit down and enjoy lunch with our friends at least a few times a week. And for those students who participate in clubs during lunchtime, is it really fair to make them miss their meetings?

As you can probably tell, the kitchen have staff noticed this issue and are working on improving it.  On chicken tender days, two of the lunch lines serve chicken tenders—leaving students with more time to sit down and eat and less time to wait in line.  The other day while serving the ever-popular meatball subs, the staff decided to let students go through the kitchen to form another line.  This shortened the wait by at least ten minutes.  I think it would be very beneficial for the staff to make this arrangement for other popular meals.

I’ve also noticed that sometimes there are more students in one lunch block than the other.  I think that it’s important to make sure all students are going to their assigned lunch, and that teachers are facilitating this.  As a community—teachers, students and kitchen staff—we need to work to make lunches the least chaotic they can possibly be.  Making these slight changes will improve the atmosphere of not just the lunch room, but the school as a whole.