Blake is forever more excellent than Breck


“Things can get intense. They can get chippy. It’s definitely the rivalry. In football, since it’s such a physical sport you can feel the intensity between the two teams. It’s cranked up a notch between us compared to other teams,” said Marcus Berg ’14  when talking about the rivalry between Blake and Breck. The two teams faced each other in Blake’s homecoming game this year, with Blake coming out on top.

The rivalry between Blake and Breck is well known amongst students, but not many know why we have such a fierce rivalry with Breck. “I hate Breck because everyone does. I don’t know why we don’t like Breck, we just don’t,” said Emmett Lindquist ’16.

In athletics, recently, Blake has been better than Breck. Both The Blake Girls Soccer team, and the Boys Varsity team has finished with a better record than Breck over the past 4 years. The Girls Tennis team has done the same. However, the biggest athletic victory over Breck came in the Homecoming Game earlier this year. “It was Breck, for Homecoming, it was a big game for us it was very important to us … That game against Breck, it’s a rivalry game, it’s homecoming, it was very important to us,” said Berg.  However, he did mention that Breck may not have been the reason the game was so important, “Especially for the seniors, it was our last time to win a homecoming game, in my first three years at Blake we’d never won a homecoming game.”

The Blake-Breck rivalry has been well documented, and is well known by all students, but not many people know why we dislike Breck. While the origin of the rivalry is unknown, the animosity can still be felt on the field.  Recently, Blake has been better than Breck in many sports, this year football became one of those sports.