Old lockers clutter Blake halls

     It seems that as our school careers continue, the need for lockers becomes less and less, and their use has become virtually nonexistent in the high school. In middle school we were required to use our lockers because we weren’t allowed to bring our backpacks into the classroom (that is a whole other rant), but now in high school, with a few exceptions, almost no one uses their lockers.

     Yet we still have enough lockers for every student! Is there even anything that we could do with them? Olivia Ort ‘19 says, “I think that they should just rip them out. Maybe they should put in like a lounge or a food court or something.”

     Most students were in agreement that they are pointless. Sasha Shogren ‘18 for example said, “I have no idea why we have lockers. I’ve only been at Blake for a short time, but I haven’t seen anyone use them and I never even asked for my locker combination.”

     Eve Liu ‘16, also states how little people use lockers. “I know maybe one or two people who use them, but other than that no one does.”

     However, it is clear that some of the lockers, while pointless, would not provide any benefit for being taken out because they are against the walls. But it is the locker rows that jut out from the walls that could be removed and provide more hallway space and more lounge room for students.

     A better use of this space would be two possible new lounge areas, complete with couches, bean bags, and a few quiet study rooms. One could be where the current second floor lockers are, and  the other could be nestled up in the English Wing. Whereas the library has become a louder study space, the third floor  is especially quiet, giving students a calmer option to work in.