Boys Soccer Coach concludes first season


Coach Tamba John directs  his players from the sidelines of Aamoth Stadium.
John Mullan
Coach Tamba Johnson directs his players from the sidelines of Aamoth Stadium.

his season, the Boys Soccer team experienced a change of pace with a new head coach. Such a change could have posed considerable problems, but it actually proved beneficial. Players on the team were quite content with Tamba Johnson’s first season at the helm. His charisma and dedication to the team were appreciated on all fronts. According to Sam Shapiro ‘18, Tamba is “just a happy guy.”

     The previous coach, Chris Mitchell, led the team with a relatively different approach. Yet the team has had nothing but positive feedback when it comes to Tamba’s style. Players have credited their new coach with allocating  a proper amount of  time to areas like conditioning,  and it’s clear that his style has been very well received. Says Tenzin Choezin ‘17, “Tamba, is in a way, a better motivation. He gets you into the game.”

     The overall vibe with Tamba seems an ideal coach given the preexisting stress that’s placed on athletes by the rigor of school and other extracurriculars. The consensus is that such pressure has lightened since his arrival. As Jack Crawford ‘16 states, “Tamba’s a lot chiller. He doesn’t really care what we do as long as we get the job done.”

     Tamba himself recently sat down to share his thoughts on the season. From his view, the expectations of the team were met, if not exceeded. He humbly credits this to his players’ strong work ethic and consistently good demeanor.

     Although the team suffered a tough, season-ending loss in the section final, Tamba is quite happy about the spirited bonding that occurred this season, and expresses that he has lots of confidence in the future of the program as a whole. The  team may be losing quality  talent with the exiting senior class, but Tamba is very excited by the new and promising talent. He outlined his future aim for the team, saying, “My goals stay the same. Winning that state title.” Tamba’s mission and strong coaching style give players and fans assurance that the future teams are poised for lasting success.