Overcoming the Odds


Hudson Dougan

The girls’ team has found success despite many challenges

Hudson Dougan, Staff Writer

The Blake Girls’ Basketball program consists of nine players.

In order to play games, they need five players on the court at all times. This leaves them with four girls on the bench.

To put these numbers in perspective, the Boys’ Basketball program has thirty-eight boys along with eighteen on Varsity.

The girls have battled to say the least; just last week they beat Breck by a resounding 16 points behind 30 points from sophomore Nia Harris ‘17.

Junior Captain Olivia Fleming ‘16, when asked about the team’s challenges, said this: “Having everyone healthy I’d say has been one of the biggest struggles. It’s so easy to get frustrated and angry at the lack of numbers.”

Assistant Coach Whitney Smetana also accredited their success to the team’s attitude and dedication, saying: “The girl’s that we have are extremely dedicated and passionate about the game of basketball.”

The girls’ team has found success despite many challenges[/caption]The girls have had their fair share of ups and downs. As Coach Smetana describes it: “This has been a challenging season when you look at the win/loss column. As coaches, we constantly remind the girls that playing through adversity—injury, illness, and other life distractions—is something that we have to do in life and this is great practice for that!”

The girls' team has found success despite many challengesHudson Dougan