Bye Bearibou, Hello Jamba Juice

At the end of last school year, faculty member Frank Sachs proposed the Bearibou shop. For months on end, Forum debated over whether or not to make the proposal a reality. Now, after bringing it to a vote, the student and faculty representatives have decided against the shop’s creation.

While many have expressed support for Bearibou, a large portion of the student body has been strongly opposed. Comments Sophie Smith ‘17 on the existence of a money-consuming  shop like Bearibou, “I’d be broke.” The opposition hasn’t been solely due to such great financial concerns, though. Junior class president John Mullan ’16 explains on the shop’s popularity, “There’s not a lot of student interest. No individuals have indicated that they’d be interested in working at [Bearibou either.]” Clearly, Bearibou isn’t unanimously supported

The support isn’t gone, though. Kim Puckett, Blake parent and founder of Caribou Coffee, states, “[Bearibou] would be a reason and a place for diverse members of the community to get together in a coffee shop atmosphere and share not only beverages but conversation.” Bearibou could very well be a success, but the concept has been shelved for now. As for its future, Mullan states, “Come this summer, perhaps, or even next fall, we’ll delve back into it.”

For now, there exists a Jamba Juice in the school. Forum rep. Charlie Ankeny ‘18 states on this alternative, “Through our Jamba Juice Project, we are able to satisfy [students’] desires [and] provided money for clubs.” It’s uncertain whether or not Jamba Juice is the final solution. At the moment, though, Forum has shifted its focus to issues other than Bearibou.