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Loaves and Fishes was created in 1981 as a temporary solution to hunger in Minnesota but it is still around today serving anyone who needs a meal around the cities.

Politics and power

Accessing political power as a low-income individual
Chapel Puckett, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 29, 2017

Walking into the St. Stephen’s Community Center, a “Welcome” sign hangs on a column directly in front of the cafeteria where the Hennepin Elementary School students have lunch every day. Ironically,...

New players, new coach,  new season

New players, new coach, new season

Blake Brazner, Staff Writer March 13, 2017

Grab your peanuts and cracker jacks--it’s time for some baseball. Coming off an 11-12 season, Boys’ Baseball looks to push the envelope in 2017. Led by captains Will Bean ‘17, Will Leadholm ‘17,...

Students watch the inauguration of Donald Trump live in the Julliet Nelson Auditorium while some students chose to leave and accept the consequences. The students who peacefully protested left after the new president was sworn in.

Inauguration prompts processing

Bennett Hawley and Gwyn Alexander February 9, 2017

The polarization of the 2016 presidential election was almost indisputable and is still being carried into today’s political climate. Despite the divide, the Upper School held a school wide viewing...

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Defining protest in 2017

Both nationally and at school, protesting endures
Chapel, Editor-in-Chief February 9, 2017

With The New York Times estimating 470,000 people who marched in Washington for the Women’s March, and a reported 3.3 million nationally, the spirit of protest is incredibly ingrained in today’s generation...

Hazel DeHarpporte '19 adds her contribution to the

School watches inauguration, discussion and art follows

Students engage in many forms of processing the address
Chapel Puckett and Bennett Hawley January 20, 2017

The Blake Upper School students, faculty, and staff watched the 45th Presidential Inauguration live in the Juliet Nelson Auditorium in between morning and afternoon classes. Some students decided to...

Fire trucks lined up outside the main entrance to the building after students and faculty funneled back into the building.

Second pipe break in two months interrupts math final

Sprinkler pipe breaks in lunchroom, sends students to sidewalk
Chapel Puckett, Editor-in-Chief December 16, 2016

In the middle of a math problem, the sirens blare, the lights flash, and the fire doors close. Math teachers yell, "leave the tests in the rooms!" Students, in disbelief, flood out into the streets, freezing...

According to Lee, hipers tend to elude talking in person and resort to technological communcation, preventing empathetic connection.

Search on Facebook: Empathy

Hipsterism linked to empathy and distance
Chapel Puckett, Editor-in-Chief December 8, 2016

Hipsterism is, in one light, a subset of popular culture defined by polaroid cameras, cold brew coffee from local coffee shops, skinny jeans, and beards. In another light, though, hipsterism is a dangerous...

The large hole right by the main entrance to the school was the product of the main water line breaking and needing to be replaced along with the original, planned maintenance of the sewer line.

Setting the Record Straight

Pipeline bursts, chaos ensues
The hole dug by construction workers on Tuesday for water main repares flooded with water from the domestic pipeline.
The hole dug by construction workers on Tuesday for water main repares flooded with water from the domestic pipeline.

Setting the record straight

Pipeline bursts, chaos ensues
Chapel Puckett, Editor-in-Chief November 3, 2016

Students sitting in the dark, Elizabeth Ben-Ozilio stuck in the elevator, and no access to running water were all products of a complication with repairs of the main sewer line in front of the school on...

Ellie Grossman ‘17 and three teammates at the Greenhill Tournament in Texas Sept. 17, coming in second place to Harvard Westlake

Blake Debate goes abroad

Ellie Grossman '17 member of 2016-17 National Debate Team
Chapel Puckett, Editor-in-Chief September 29, 2016

It seems as though Blake Debate is constantly bringing home new trophies and accolades due to the exceptional work of its team members and coaches; now, though, Blake Debate is going abroad. Ellie Grossman...

The Gap Year

The Gap Year

Straying from the seemingly sole post-graduation path is trending in our community. These students and alumni share what it's like to venture in a direction or their own after high school.

As a college preparatory school, students are clearly pushed to pursue a specific path after graduation. But many are choosing to stray from that path to create new experiences for themselves while trailblazing...

The problem with our lunchroom

The problem with our lunchroom

Student health jeopardized not by choice of what to eat, but whether to at all
Chapel Puckett, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 28, 2016

Healthy eating behavior is one of the most important habits that people must form at a young age. The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition states, “Dietary habits established in childhood...

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