Second pipe break in two months interrupts math final

Sprinkler pipe breaks in lunchroom, sends students to sidewalk


Sean Plunkett

Fire trucks lined up outside the main entrance to the building after students and faculty funneled back into the building.

In the middle of a math problem, the sirens blare, the lights flash, and the fire doors close. Math teachers yell, “leave the tests in the rooms!” Students, in disbelief, flood out into the streets, freezing cold and awaiting directions. All products of a sprinkler pipe break, the school had to evacuate for 10 minutes during the math final on December 15 at 10:30 a.m.

In an email sent to the student body, Steve Howe says, “Sorry for the disruption, but this was beyond our control.” The pipe break tripped the fire alarm which sent the school to the harsh conditions outside. The mean temperature on December 15 was -3 degrees. Fire trucks arrived around 10:40 a.m. when the fire protection system was turned off.

Students were told to restart test taking and they were given additional time to finish due to the interruption.

Lunch was unable to be served in the lunchroom on December 15 and pizza was ordered instead. Further, on December 16 there was a bag lunch most likely due to lasting effects in the kitchen.

There will likely be no other consequences as winter break starts December 16, giving the maintenance staff plenty of time without students or faculty in the building to ensure the pipe is back to working condition.