Trouble for traveling athletes

Students navigate top-level sports competition and semi-independent learning


Charlie Ankeny, Staff Writer

Many competitive athletes travel for top-notch facilities and competitions.

     Travelling athletes miss a considerable portion of school as a result of their  away-from-home athletic schedule.

     Annabella Walser ‘18, a member of the Girls Alpine Team and a travelling skier, states, “The hardest challenge is not making up homework, but making up the things you do in class.”

     Teachers are especially accommodating with helping traveling athletes make up work, doubtlessly make out-of-school athletic events easier to attend.

    Nonetheless, athletes contend that missing class is tough because learning new things independently can be difficult.

      Maddie Dekko ‘16, another alpine skier, says that “staying on top of school while traveling requires a lot of flexibility to do homework in unideal environments. For example, the majority of my homework is done in airports, cars, and vans.”

     Derek Hitchner ‘18, a competitive golfer, adds, “As much as it hurts to miss school, I love golf, and I’ll do anything I can to play as much as possible.”

     As daunting as it may seem to miss school, it is worth it for some students to arrange their schedules to partake in levels of competition that high school teams cannot match.