Synchronized swimming takes off in unison


photo credit: Josie Lagerstrom

The girls have shown dedication to improvement and learning as a first year team. Clockwise from top left: Coach Ashley Magnuson, Josie Lagerstrom ‘18, Isabel Friedell ‘19, Rachel Eggert ‘19, Madeline Dopp ‘20, Emma Wilson ‘19, Casey Stocking ‘20, Roshnee Tarafder ‘19, Eva Motolinia ‘18, and Sierra Hoff ‘19.

There are two sides to every story, so they say. Sometimes, the side unseen is where all the action takes place. Nowhere is this more true than in the twisting, twirling world of synchronized swimming, where supreme strength meets artistic impression.

When compared to other sports, synchronized swimming stands out as one of the most team-driven, where the individual is truly submerged so that the team can rise up.

With help from Josie Lagerstrom ’18, the school has recently established an official synchronized swimming team. According to Lagerstrom, as of right now, “the team [has] nine girls swimming, [with several] sixth graders interested in joining next year.”

Although many members of the team are new to the practice of synchronized swimming, this does not stop them from flourishing. Lagerstrom shares, “we have had six practices and already I see the team prospering. I can see improvement from practice to practice, and I believe that [we] are doing very well for [our] first year.”

Given their late start to the season, BGS will only be competing in three meets this year, however “this first year is really a good learning experience for all of the girls who are new to synchronized swimming. Next year the team will [most likely] be starting in early March rather than early April and will have more time to work on mastering routines.”

The team is off to a strong start as they work to “prove that [we are] just as good as any other school.”