Golf atmosphere on par with players’ goals

Casual team environment creates preferred commitment

Maxine Whitely, Editor-in-Chief

The girls’ golf team has taken to the greens of Woodhill for their daily after school practices. They start on the driving range as they warm up, and then the girls will often move onto a few holes all together or break off to the putting range for those who need to practice a closer shot.

     “It’s very casual,” Lucy Schemel ‘16 notes of the atmosphere on the team, citing chatter and snacking on the course. The beauty of this team is the high level of variation. It is varied socially, commitment-wise, and skill-wise. This contributes to the unique atmosphere that the close-knit team cherishes.

     Contrasted to Schemel’s more casual commitment, Lilia Everson ‘15 has committed to Middlebury to play the game.

     “It’s a lifetime sport,” says Schemel, “so people come out for different reasons.” Schemel herself “started freshman year wanting to shake it up a little. I had played before, but I played casually in the past. I was convinced by Callahan [Vertin ‘15].Now, in my third year, I’m more serious about it.”

     Vertin comments on her recruitment, “Ever since I recruited Lucy off of lacrosse, the team has been growing and we now have around 25 girls. It’s great.”

     Vertin’s commitment to the sport is more for the social aspect of the team as well as for her future: “Moving forward to business meetings and post college lives, I think it’s good to have a basis of golf.”

     Sylvie Wallin ‘16, the team’s newest recruit, cites the relaxed atmosphere for her participation in the sport as well. Although she wanted to stay involved with a spring sport, she didn’t want an extremely high commitment. The Girls’ Golf Team is has been a perfect way to do just that.