AP Government class takes on congressional races

Students bring light to state candidates with online project

Zoe Wellik, Online Editor

While all eyes have been on the presidential candidates leading up to election day, many go to the polls uninformed on their state’s candidates. Even worse, candidates for other states typically remain completely anonymous to a given voter. To strengthen an idea of how important this knowledge can be and spread it to others, David Graham’s AP Government class has initiated a project to learn more about state politics and exemplify what they’ve learned on an online platform. With partners, AP Government students have created their own websites providing information about state congressional candidates.

To learn more about these projects and about lesser known contenders for this election, you can go to these links:


New Hampshire US Senate Race – Everett Pruett ’17 and Sadie Druskin ’17


Nevada US Senate Race – Dominic Chi ’18 and Owen Rickert ’17


Missouri US Senate Race – Ian Murray ’17 and Shannon Ellis ’18




Indiana US Senate Race – Will Watkins ’17 and Will Grassle ’17