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Getting Behind the Scenes of the Gallery

The Martha Bennett Gallery Team together in the Gallery. Not pictured: Azalea Hallin-Graber '19
September 30, 2018

Grade lounges and other seating areas are filled daily with the same routine of friends in the moments before class in the morning. However, between the original Northrop building and the science wing...

Open Mic Night loses popularity

Hazel DeHapporte '19 performs at Open Mic Night on November 10th.
Leaders ask for more participation
March 13, 2017

Graduation requirements include art. Senior speeches are frequently given on the perks of taking art courses and branching out through classes from Drawing and Painting to Ceramics. The visual arts are...

AP Government class takes on congressional races

Students bring light to state candidates with online project
November 6, 2016

While all eyes have been on the presidential candidates leading up to election day, many go to the polls uninformed on their state's candidates. Even worse, candidates for other states typically remain...

Girl, Manterrupted

Acceptance of manterruption reflects the commonality of sexism in leadership positions
November 3, 2016

In a highly polarized culture, the minimal presence of women in positions of power does not act alone in amplifying the opinions of male peers. During all three of the presidential debates, many took to...

Coffee linked to extensive history

Scandinavian and East African roots brew in MN
May 24, 2016

The Twin Cities is a hot pot of coffee. Literally. The metro has a strong Scandinavian heritage and identity as well as a large East African immigrant population; coincidentally, these two regions are...

Politics fuel cynicism

Cynics often criticize one parties rather than strongly supporting another, compounding a two party system. Politics, then, turns into a dodgeball-like game where people are simply attacking the party they don't approve of.
April 28, 2016

For such a polarized system like politics, it is easy when supporting a candidate to  reduce other candidate’s views to being trivial or unqualified, purely to shield your own views from being debated....

“Inconveniences” turn into profound effects

Lights produce many dangerous effects on the environment; they emit about a kilogram of carbon dioxide after just an hour of use, depending on the light bulb.
Every small action, or inaction, contributes to our environmental impact
March 18, 2016

As students file in and out of the lunchroom, halls, and library, the most overt example of their unawareness about environmental habits is seen. It is here that, as the plates and plastic boxes of food...

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