Getting Behind the Scenes of the Gallery


Sara Gregor

The Martha Bennett Gallery Team together in the Gallery. Not pictured: Azalea Hallin-Graber ’19

Grade lounges and other seating areas are filled daily with the same routine of friends in the moments before class in the morning. However, between the original Northrop building and the science wing is a beacon of the four Upper School grades as a collective: the Martha Bennett Gallery.

This school year, eight 12th graders, KK Haug ’19, Eli Kilpatrick ’19, Addison Anderson ’19, Sara Gregor ’19, Azalea Hallin-Graber ’19, Kai Sovell ’19, Sadie Abernathy’19, and Kaja Bingham ’19, make up the Martha Bennett Gallery Curatorial Team. Kilpatrick, Abernathy, and Hallin-Graber agree: the purpose and goal of the gallery is to, in Abernathy’s words, “create a creative space where people can work quietly, or just listen to music, or hang with friends.”

On display now is the yearly summer rerun art show, hosting visual art pieces across many mediums made by Blake students, some as young as kindergarteners.  The current exhibition is up until September 28 and the next exhibition will be open beginning October 5, covering the Sierra Leone and China summer trips.