Writing Club Fosters Expression

Free writes and open prompts cultivate new ideas


Members of Creative Writing Club meet with English teacher Amanda Minoff and discuss new prompts for the meeting.

Ahan Devgun, Contributing Writer

Creative Writing Club provides a space where you can grow your creativity and explore the process of literature. English teacher and club advisor Amanda Minoff expresses that “[the club] started last year when three students approached me, Alvin Liu who’s a sophomore now and then Tanush [Dhingra] and Gunnar [Johnson] who are [seniors] … all of the [leaders] thought of the club separately but then joined to collaborate together. They’ve all had different visions of the club and they found a way to do a variety of things.”

Even though the leaders originally had different ideas for what the club should be, they were eventually able to incorporate it all together. The club mainly focuses on learning about the process of creative writing, such as learning about dialogue, while also working on prompts and doing freewrites. Some of these prompts include rewriting folk tales to ghosts who meet in the middle of a memory. 

Minoff details that “[what happens in a club meeting] depends week by week… last week, we took a prompt and we did some free writes. We always try to take some time even if it’s just 5 minutes for people to do their own free-writing.”

Member and leader Karn Kaura ‘24 details that his favorite activity in the creative writing club is “taking a prompt from the list… and writing about things like subverting a trope or making up scenarios in which you’d write from the perspective of someone who your identity doesn’t necessarily match up with.” 

For students who want to flex their creativity and writing muscle, the club usually meets during flex time on Wednesday mornings or during Friday flex in the Danielson room.