Connor Yu ‘18 starts initiative to improve feminine hygiene products

Dissatisfaction with school’s options has boosted Forum’s participation


Chapel Puckett

The feminine hygine prodct dispensers are already open and free to use, however, Connor Yu believes that they should be better quality products.

Grace Vojta, Staff Writer

Connor Yu ’18, a junior Forum representative, has recently taken initiative to improve the quality of the feminine hygiene products in the school’s female and gender non-conforming restrooms. “A friend came to me and told me about how the quality of the feminine hygiene products was really low. Because we don’t have a female Forum member in the class of 2018, she felt most comfortable talking to me,” Yu explained.

This initiative couldn’t have come soon enough. After interviewing over a dozen random biologically female students, thirteen of the fifteen women had resoundingly negative comments about the products at school. While, as one teacher put it, “they’re better than nothin’”, feedback included comments such as, “I don’t use them cause they suck”, “I’m personally afraid of them”, “they’re pretty bad”, and “they’re absolutely nasty.” One sophomore went so far as to say that “if I ever got my period and didn’t have anything, I probably wouldn’t even use the stuff here… they’re cardboard… I want nothing to do with that!”

While the initiative is still in the preliminary stages, Yu has already done the math and found that Tampax Pearl regulars, with plastic applicators, and winged pads will cost just about the same amount of money as the current cardboard tampons and unwinged pads. While tampons with plastic applicators are less eco-friendly than those with biodegradable applicators, it is far more wasteful to provide products that most students won’t even use.

“Now it’s just a matter of working it out with the supplier and with the logistics. As for right now there are no foreseeable issues.” Yu concluded. On behalf of the female community, thank you Connor for a job well done.